Getting the support you want

If you want support, Lynnda will tailor a program for you. Just book a one or two hour sessions with Lynnda as often as you need. 

Popular sessions include:

  • Mailchimp : Get started and Going further with the email automation
  • Facebook: Your Page Your Group Or Going Live
  • Scheduling your social media: Facebook Instagram LinkedIn & Twitter
  • Canva: Getting started, Going further & defining your brand
  • Your Goals : Establishing your goal and planning your route to get there.
  • Customer Chemistry: How you interact with your customers 
  • What next: Where are you now and where to go next

Talk to Lynnda to arrange your session

Single sessions are just £69 for the first hour, book a series of sessions for discounted rates.

One to One

Working one to one we can work at your pace. No question is silly and Lynnda is well placed to break down the tasks into just the right sized steps. 

Times and sessions can be tailored to your needs. All sessions are designed to get things done whilst you are there. 

Get started

Message Lynnda to get that first session booked. You can get the support you need. Invest the time and money to get moving forward with what you really want to do. 

Phone Lynnda to get your first session booked   01482 881809