Work with Me

Customer Chemistry Packages

Lynnda is able to work on an individual basis and the packages outlined below are examples that have worked well for other customers. 

If you don't see the package for you, feel free to ask if Lynnda can tailor a package to your specific needs. 

Tasting Session

Invite me to try out your business and products. Let me try your customer experience. Tell me about your passions and what is holding you back creating that next project or product.

My feedback will include a review of the customer experience and will include all your online content too.

I will tell how I can help you develop your Customer CHEMISTRY.  

£95  Refundable against any packages you decide to purchase.

Customer Chemistry 

Four sessions over 3 months with Lynnda designed to get you to where you want to be. Your programme will be individually designed to move you forward. 


LIFT OFF Countdown


This bundle will help you get ready to launch that major new project or product. This is designed to run over 4 months but it could be taken over a long development time or condensed into 4 weeks.

This package includes 

  • Help with branding and design. 
  • Email and online support between meetings. 
  • Planning sheets
  • 5 one to one meetings with Lynnda
  • Help with social media for this project