The Sparkling Business Club

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The Sparkling Business Club is here to help women working in their own businesses. I want to help them show their shining best. 

If you are a woman probably working on your own and struggling to move your business forward then come and join the fun. This is a place were you can talk to someone who understands the daily struggles and who will help you get past the hurdles. A place where you can share your successes and triumphs however big or small. A safe place to share your dreams and find the support you need to make them your reality. I have spent many years helping ladies overcome the loneliness that can come from working in their own businesses. Let me and my team help you with whatever is challenging you now. I am now hosting regular meet ups, networking events and workshops. A low cost way to to get started on your journey with The Sparkling Business Club. 

You can contact me at [email protected]