Lynnda's Background



Lynnda with bannerLynnda was born into the family business spending much of her childhood around the family shops. Both Lynnda's parents and grandparents were shopkeepers. Over the years, Lynnda had a number of jobs, from delivering the mail, selling Jeans and working in a nightclub for Charlie Williams.

Lynnda was first in a classroom in 1974 and probably hasn't stopped teaching since. In1989 she helped her husband launch his own business and has been there and helped that business through many changes over the years, including opening and developing shops for the company.

Lynnda launched her own brand of products 2002 under the name Pecks Pensmith. In 2007 she launched a range of craft products based on her own designs for art stamps under the name Oak House Studio. In 2009 she designed and created another craft range for a fellow craft company.

In 2012 Lynnda qualified as a Business Mentor and began doing more mentoring. She was still busy with Oak House Studio and could be found spreading the word about the products online at retail outlets and even fitted in some shopping tv.

2017 Saw Lynnda retire the Oak House Studio brand. She will tell you she is still taking time out and catching her breath but she is busy establishing The Sparkling Business Club, with the hope that she can help more people enjoy their businesses.


Lynnda teaching in her studio

From a very early age Lynnda had a passion for teaching. Sharing everything she knew. 

On leaving school she went to Beckett Park in Leeds to train at The City Of Leeds and Carnegie College. Lynnda was the fourth person in her family to spend time at Beckett Park and so the place had a special meaning for her long before she started her course.

With a joint major course in Chemistry and Biology, Lynnda also studied Mathematics as her minor subject along side Education. In her second year Lynnda applied to study Ceramics but the class was full and instead Lynnda found herself studying Printmaking. Lynnda was also approached by the Head of Computer Studies at the college to be the student link for computer studies with a local secondary school, a role she throughly enjoyed. Some 30 years later Printmaking became so much more important to her.

 Community Involvement.

Following her families lead, Lynnda has always contributed to the wider community taking on her first committee role at the age of 14 and her first chairmanship at 16. Her main volunteering roles have been with the spheres Volleyball, Caravaning, and Business Support groups such as the local Chamber of Trade and Women in Enterprise and Business which she created in 2010.

Within Volleyball she began refereeing at 14 and qualified as soon as she was old enough. She has refereed National League Volleyball and performed as linesman or scorer at over 30 International Matches. As player she has played at local and regional and national league level. This achievement is reflected in the fact that she has also worked as a volunteer at each of these levels too. Lynnda was one of the first in the country to be awarded a gold award for her volunteering working within Volleyball.

Lynnda regular raises money for a number of charities but works mainly for Breast Cancer Care, Dove House Hospice, East Yorkshire Foodbank and a local youth sports group.

Lynnda and her family volunteer for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf as a volunteer foster carer for their dogs who might need an emergency place to live. Just one more way this family gives back to their community. 

Lynnda cropped sparkle