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I often tell the story of MY FACEBOOK T SHIRT when I am talking to groups about branding, especially when I talking about you being the face of the brand. So I thought it was time I wrote it up for the blog. 

Lynnda Worsnop Facebook T shirt


So when I joined Facebook in 2008 (I Think) my profile photo had me in this particular T shirt. I loved it and it was a work T shirt that I had 3 exactly the same. I wore them often. 

If I went to a craft industry show wearing it I found that people would recognise me as a online contact. So I made the effort to wear one when I would be meeting people for the first time.  

The same year I also got the call to go down for a screen test for Create and Craft for my brand Oak House Studio. Like anyone would be I was nervous and worried about make up and what to wear etc. An emailed arrived at 5:15pm the evening before I was due to set of at 4 am the next day to go to the studio. This email detailed so many things that I had known from friends in the industry about my nails and jewellery etc but it also gave me a list of things I couldn't wear or should avoid wearing. 

  • Do not wear Stripes or ZigZags
  • Avoid Black especially for Craft
  • Avoid toxic colours like Red Dark Pink or Orange.

At this point in my life I wore mainly black with white. I used red and magenta as a contrast or interest colour. So that was most of my wardrobe out. The one thing I did have that wasn't on the avoid list was the Facebook T shirt. It seemed to me that what I needed was more blue and green. So when I bought new clothes I looked for Blue and Green so that it was usable for TV. My wardrobe now is very dominated by these colours and you know what, I love them! I have spent time (and money) with stylists and looked at adding more colours into my wardrobe but these colours make me happy. So when you see me in these colours and when we smile about me being on brand there is a story behind it.

I really recommend you find your colour palette and enjoy it.

Note this photo was taken by the very talented John Denton. I also recommend you find a photographer that you can work with, I have been lucky to know a few.

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