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Sometime the end of the year is when I start to get annoyed at the things I didn't yet achieve. (Notice I used the word YET! I am a big believer in the power of that word). However it always a great time to think about what you have achieved in the last year. So here is my reflection on 12 months of building The Sparkling Business Club.

For the most part my business energies have been focused on building the group, of refining and re defining what it is and what it should offer. I had thought that I would need to introduce an annual fee. You might have guessed I was going to give the members the world for not very much money LOL but every time I reflected back on the ethos of the original group all those years ago and how we wanted to keep the group easy to access. So that people really didn't have a hard decision to join a group, they could just come along and give it a try. I am proud to say there are still no joining fees for The Sparkling Business Club and the fees for events are kept as low as possible. 

This year we had our second A Day to Sparkle event and we saw rise in the number of people attending. We moved to The Mecure Hull a venue we are now using a lot. We attracted some world class speakers including Viviene Joy and Susan Weeks who were amazing and both these ladies want to attend with you at the next A Day To Sparkle on 29th June 2020. 

The numbers at the monthly meeting began to hit the capacity of the room we had been in for 8 years. So we looked for a new space and found it at The Warton Arms in Woodmansey. I pleased to tell you they have agreed to hosting our meeting for 2020 so I hope to see you all there. 

I hope the 2020 sees the group growing from strength to strength and although it may look to some like I am the one who runs the group. The group is actually as brilliant as it is because of the members. Without such and amazing group of women it would not matter a jot what I did. The group is the sum total of it's brilliant sparkling ladies 


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