6 things you can do for your business whilst enjoying some downtime this Christmas

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We all need to some time to relax and be with our friends & families over the festive period. But a week or two without working in or on your business can be scary. Here are a few ideas from me that you can do over the break to make next year even more brilliant.

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1. Go through that new planner/diary and put in the important dates. Now is the time to plan when you will take time off next year. Do not wait until you feel you really need a break, plan those dates now. If in doubt add in extra dates. Having gone straight into teaching as I left university, my holidays were dictated to me. So when I left teaching in 2000 I had never been able to choose my holidays. It took me about 18 months to realise I had to be the one to say when my holidays where. I was working with Martin and was so passionate about what we were doing I didn't plan any breaks for quite some time. For the first 3 months I didn't even have a day off, I worked 7 days a week. Until Christmas Day which we spent together as a family and Boxing Day when I had both families at our house and then back to work the next day. I really do not recommend this!! Book your breaks in now. 

2. Buy a magazine your Ideal Customer would buy. Study it from cover to cover. What headlines do they use? what about images? How are the photos styled? What topics do they cover? Who advertises in there? 

3. Look at you own line presence. Check your website on someone elses laptop and /or phone. Do the colours still work? How readable is it? Google yourself, again do this on someone elses phone/laptop.

4.  Create a reading list for the year. This can be business books or not. It can be fiction or non fiction. Add some variety, explore new authors. If you don't already have one, sort out an audio book system. I use Audible.

5. Write a list or set of notes for yourself based on what happened this year. This could be to tell yourself you already have Crackers or that you need to organise Gift Voucher for your business in October. What ever lesson you learned.

6. Look after yourself. Rest and Relaxation. I think we all know how important this is when we watch someone else working too hard, well now is the time to really look after yourself. YOU are the key to your businesses success in 2020. The healthier you are the healthier your business will be.

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