Blogging! Why I believe developing a blog will give you long term benefits to your income.

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 Anyone who has bumped into me recently will have heard talking about this a LOT!

Am I here to apologise about that? NO definitely not.

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You can expect me to talking about quite a lot in the next few months.
Adding a blog to your website is a brilliant way to keep your content fresh and the googlebots happy. It is also a great place to start working out your content creating muscle at the same time as making you quotable as the expert.

It doesn’t actually have to be a traditional blog, it could be a vlog or even a regular podcast.

It does have to speak to customer, preferably your ideal customer. It will help them understand something they have been concerned about or tell they how to do something. It might even tell them a little but more about you.

When running Oak House Studio, the stamp company I retired from in 2017 I had a basic blog that featured my design team. That blog highlighted products and taught techniques to inspire people to buy my stamps and inks.

It was a brilliant place to run competitions away from Facebook rules and we ran 24 hour events from that basic blog. Many of us use Facebook for our businesses and encourage people to use it to its full extent but I have never been an “all my eggs in one basket” kind of girl.

Developing your blog on your website is certainly the way forward and if like me you use then a blog is built in for so nothing difficult there. So this blog you are ready is formatted as part of my site. I can schedule post ahead of time and I can even dump blog ideas in there ready to finish when I find the prefect picture.

If you are considering a new website check the prices at Create as they are pretty good and the team are brilliant in fact tell them I sent you and you can claim 10% off your first bill by quoting this code RAFLYNNDA.

So tell me do you have a blog? Leave a link in the comments so we can all come see it.

If you need help with your blog or creating content in general then email me at [email protected] I can help with one to one support plus I have a Content Creating day planned for the Mercure Hull in September 2019.

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