Business Lessons from Everyday Life #1

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Becoming a volunteer fosterer for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People has given many new perspectives on life. To be honest I missed a dog in life so much I needed to find a way to have one back in my life that the rest of the family could live with. Ben needed a dog back in his life too and fostering was something Martin could handle as there is no commitment to give.

The day they came to inspect the house & garden was also the day they rang for us to go pick up a dog. A small black Labrador called Kiwi.


Kiwi was an angel who came into our lives and taught us so much. I soon realised how much these dogs had to learn to do their job. I learnt how individual each dog is and likewise, each deaf person they go to help has their own unique set of problems. The dogs are carefully matched to the person they are going to help and once a bond has been established the dog undergoes further training to be just the help the person needs.

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Each dog that comes into our home is unique and so are the people they go on to live with and help.


I was surprised to discover that one in six people in the UK has hearing difficulties. On reflection, I personally know a few people with difficulties and work to help this when I am with them. It struck me that is just like how as a business we have to find the right clients and how much we should be aware of their individual needs. Tailoring our services to the specific needs of clients is not always possible but the more accessible we can make everything we offer the better.

Are you considering the needs of all? Do you have more than one way for clients to contact you or do you just ask everyone to phone you? How easy is for you to tweak how you display your information? Is it easy to read ? What size fonts are you using? What sort of language are you using?



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