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I love to share news and promote other business ladies I meet at The Sparkling Business Club and I have plans for yet another project to do just that to launch in August so keep watching.

At last year's A Day To Sparkle we met local  award-winning author Samantha Towle. It was a plesasure to listen to her staory and be able to ask her about her journey so far.

The New York Times bestselling author's newest book in the hugely popular STORM SERIES is coming September 6th, 2019!

 Cover Design: Najla Qamber Designs

Photograph: Wander Aguiar Photography

Model: Colton B.

Sam has used this designer and photographer before and I can see why she chose them to bring her story to life in this cover. 



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The son of an icon.

He was a legend. Rock royalty.

 A man I never met. 

But I’m measured against him in every aspect of my life. 

The only time I feel like me … the real me … is when I’m onstage with my band. But the more we grow in popularity, the more people compare me to him.

I’m not him. And I never will be. If only everyone could figure that out for themselves.

I need a break from it all. 

Then, a confrontation has me jumping in my car, putting LA in my rearview mirror. And a stupid mistake ends up with my car on the side of the road. And straight into the path ofa girl who is the exact opposite of everyone else in my life.

She’s like everything I used to know.

And she has no clue who I am.

Even if she did, I don’t think she’d care.

She thinks I’m cavalier.

I think she’s intriguing. And hot. Let’s not forget hot.

I’m stuck in this town overnight while my car is being fixed. But I’m thinking I’m gonna stick around a bit longer.

I’m Storm Slater, lead guitarist in Slater Raze and the only child of the late, great Jonny Creed. But, here, right now … I’m nobody. Just a regular guy.

I’m liking it a whole lot.

And I’m liking her even more.

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