Three things I learnt about business from Charlie Williams

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Once upon a time I live in the People Republic of South Yorkshire. I lived and work there for nine years. Being a young person living alone there was never enough money for me to have a nice car! So I took a second job. I had worked in bars before so when I saw an advert for bar staff at a night club near by called " Charlies" I went along to try it. The Charlie is question was the much-loved local comedian Charlie Williams. Life there was fun, always someone new on the stage and I met many famous faces. We worked are a team, but more about that another day. The bar was run by Charlie's daughter who had the most amazing eye for style of anyone I ever met. I went on to work for them even when they moved pubs. 

I also learnt a lot more about business. 

1. Keep it simple. Any offer that is too complicated for the buyers or the staff to understand will only cause problems and will not promote buying. Simple pricing is also important.

2. Give them time to buy. We had many of Charlies friends did comedy slots at the club. However there were people he wouldn't want there. Much as he thought Ken Dodd was a great bloke and very funny his was well-known for his act running over time. 45 minutes Charlie said was long enough. They need to have time to buy a drink or two. Remember to work in buying time to your workshops/events

3. Smile. Most of our customers were lovely people, but as in any bar we had some challenging ones. Charlie had the most amazing smile, it made me smile. It also disarmed the worst of customers. Being behind a counter most of my early life smiles and being polite to customers come naturally to me. It like a switch in my brain. 

We can learn lessons from many different people in your life. Most people who come into your life will teach you at least one thing. I hope that I can teach you many things to help you sparkle in your business.

I would love to hear about lessons you have learned for someone outside your family, so use the comments to share that.

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  1. Lesley Kinney

    I also worked in bars and one of my bosses taught me to always acknowledge people No matter how busy you are, no matter how many people there are at the bar just catch there eye and let them see you have noticed them. People will wait for you as long as they don't feel ignored. I think it's a lesson to use in all walks of life.

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  2. Elaine

    Not outside the family but my dad did 'Time and Motion' and 'Work Study' and I think I've inherited this. It's good to be organised, work out how long things take, the quickest way to do something and set your prices accordingly.

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