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I have taken to listening to books in an attempt to stop watching so much tv and to discover more authors. Maybe it is me being lazy but it is helping me experience the ideas of more people.

I am currently listening to many things but the very talented Danielle LaPorte is getting to fill a lot of my time. I enjoy her approach to examing my life and what I want to do with it.

If you attend one of my workshops you will hear her name mentioned over and over again. It is unusual for me to reference one person in this way. I am usually bringing together ideas from a lot of people. You probably won't be surprised to discover she has a "planner" and it is stunning but I am using more as a gratitude journal, something I can use to reflect on life and plan ahead working on my goals rather than a day to day appointment/scheduling dairy.


One concept I have taken and expand on from Danielle has been the idea of an interview as a vehicle to help you write about yourself and your business. We considered this last at session I led for Women in Enterprise & Business. 

You can find her website HERE 


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