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I know my husband, my son, my postman, my optician are not people who are likely to buy my stamps. This is just the same as being at a business network. But they say the average person knows a 100 people. So every person you meet every day know a hundred other people who might buy what you sell.

So am I saying every person you meet has to understand the minutest detail of what you do? of course not, but would be great if they know what you do in general terms and know how to contact you, have you made that easy?  

I wrote the above post several years ago, but it is still true today. How can you make it easy for people to refer their friends to you. Do you always have business cards with you? on your personal Facebook page are you listed as working at your business page so people can click through easily? 

Each person you meet every day may know someone who needs your help. On Saturday I was doing a quick dash for food in my local supermarket before going to a Macmillian Coffee morning. As I came out of the store I walked into a lovely group of people setting up a stand for  local support group for people with diabetes, I stopped to pick up some information and wondered why I didn't know all this when I was diagnosed. I came home and looked at their flyer, it wasn't brilliant. I put the food away with my son and we decided I could very quickly use the same words that they had used and just present them a whole lot better. So I went up to my office and did just that. I printed a 200 copies and trimmed them up, packed them in a box and took them back to the lovely man who had spoken to me earlier in the day. I had a buisness card for him so that he can ask me next time he needs a flyer. I am happy to donate a little time doing what I do daily to help a local group who are trying to support so many people. Watch this space because I am going to be shouting more about this group. Who could you easily help with your skills

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