I finally took a step forward!

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For many years now I have been helping other women with their business. Not everyone has my years of history in a small business. I was born in to it. So as a small child when you you were possibly say in the kitchen with your Mum watching her cook, I was sat in a shop whatching my Mum buy and sell. It is little wonder it all comes so naturally to me. 

My Mum was one of those wome who had taken on the mantle of work during the war, she went on to work in childrens homes until she married when she started to run. She was unusual for her age, she drove, she went out on her own and she knew how to make things happen. It made my mind set such that I knew I could make things happen.

I have watched many capable women with huge passions struggle with the small stuff that happen every day in their business. I have thought for some time I wanted to help them more than I was managing to do part time. I have now committed to that for my main activity for the foreseeable future. 

So if you are stuggling with social media and all the other things you need to fit into running a business to be visible, get in touch, maybe I can take the stress out of all that plate spinning.


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