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  1. It is no secret I enjoy being part of my community, and I know I often take on too much and then find the need to cut back and focus on my business. I just wanted to explain that I do get so much out of what I do.

    Someone once told me she had got nothing from a group we both belong. I was little taken aback as I knew she had indeed made some useful business contacts who had helped her with certain projects and products. What I think she meant was she didn't remember getting a direct sale at any meeting she had attended. She had attended regularly and when there didn't join in that much so that won't have helped either. Being a member of a business network is not just about the sales you make direct to the members or even to their friends. It is also about what you learn along the way.

    I remember going through some marketing materials for someone from a group and then thinking , wow that is an hour I have just given away, wasted even. But then I realised that in going through this persons work marketing material I had also reviewed my own, spotted ideas I could develop and remembered all I had learnt over the years.


    I coud add any number of stories to this blog post but going to leave it for another day, if you are a member of a business group, be a "good member" attend regularly and be ready to help someone else

  2. I have been heard to say that craft classes should be available on the National Health and insist being creative is essential for your mental health. Of course we don't all have to be creative with stamps (although I urge everyone to try). You can be creative is what ever way suits you. Many people are creative in the kitchen making ad hoc recipes they create as they cook. For some being creative happens in their garden. Where ever you find to play with your creativity I urge you to find ways to build it into your day. Be Creative Every Day.