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    I have to say one of the essentials for me when planning and using my diary is the year planner section. I find this visual layout of the year is ideal for me to plan workshops, shows and even holdidays. I use a filofax type system so can keep back copies of year planners in there for quick refence for back dates etc.

    What do  you use to plan your week or your year?

  2. I know my husband, my son, my postman, my optician are not people who are likey to buy my stamps. This is just the same as being at a business network. But they say the average person knows a 100 people. So every person you meet every day know a hundred other people who might buy what you sell.

    So am I saying every person you meet has to understand the minutest detail of what you do? of course not, but would be great if they know what you do in general terms and know how to contact you, have you made that easy?

  3. I am not perfect and I am listing some of these things because I know I am have done some them myself, but here are a few things that I see people getting wrong.

    1. Not tagging you business as where you work. If you still have the "day job" I do understand, but otherwise friends may wnat to recommend you and quite probably don't the exact name of what "our Elizabeth" does. but they know you on Facebook and can follow the link from your personal page.

    2. Post on facebook about your business news and having the privacy setting on just friends. I know sometimes times this is a mistake, which arises from not changing privacy setting back to your normal setting.

    3. Just posting about your business and not interacting with others.

  4. I get cross when I see people talking about social media as if it was a one way communication. Who likes someone who only talks about themselves, here is a bried list I wrote in 2012 about what I use Facebook for, I add the blue sections quickly this morning as I came on to do this post. There will be more things I am sure if I spend time on this.

    What do I and my business get out of Facebook and to some extent twitter, (my two accounts are linked)

    1. Connection with the customers

    a)     What are they buying and where

    b)     What are they feeling

    c)     What am I doing

    d)     What offers have I  got

    e)     Tell them my news

    f)      Direct them to something here else on the web, MY site, my blog, youtube channel

    g)     Creating a group so that customers can chat to themselves and answer each other’s questions, and show each other how my business has helped them

    h)     Offering advice to people who don’t know my company by being in other related groups.


    1a Running my design team by using a closed and secret group


    1. Connection with my suppliers

    a)     What are they selling

    b)     Offers

    c)     New products

    d)     Letting potential customers know I stock this brand.


    1. Connection ( well watch from a distance) with my opposition

    a)     What shows are they doing

    b)      what offers have they got?

    c)      new products


    1. Connection with my support network/ working alone this important

    a)     What events are on ie WEB events

    b)     Snippets from business gurus

    c)     Share an achievement

    d)     Ask for advice…where can I get type questions


    1. Connect with the Media

    a)     a recent post re being nominated for an award got me an interview on BBC Humberside

    b)     the bbc guys are the ones I watch and they all post what they want to talk about today/tomorrow so gives you chance to join in (sure others do the same)

    c)     watching and talking to magazines


    To me facebook is like section of the wider web where I can decide who I want engage with and do it quickly and on a regular basis

    Yes I probably spend far too much time on facebook but at the moment that is where I am getting results.

  5. This is one of my personal hurdles, I am working really hard on simplifying my life both at work and at home. Having broken my wrist on January 1st this year, I have had to seek out ways to do things in a more simple way.

    Watch any TV show about improving your business, I am thinking particularly of Gordon Ramsey's kitchen nightmares, you just know he is going to tell them to simplify their menu, cut down how much they offer so that they can do smaller number of dishes better, control the food flow better, if you watch you know this makes sense. So look at your "kitchen" how can you reduce your menu?

  6. Time to sign off for the holidays. This is a time when deliveries don't come, Red Office closes down and we can spend some quality time together. It also a time when we share our dreams and look to the future. Looking forward to that fresh start feeling that January brings. Come in 2015 it is our year to shine. Sending you all wishes for a happy time as you end the year and a brilliant year to come.


  7. How do you plan your marketing?

    In my last post I mentioned "your planner" because you need to plan ahead for marketing to hit on time to promote events or product launches. Maybe consider how you will use what you do this year to plan for next year. So that at the end of each month you plan how you can use what you have learnt this month for the same time next year. This way you can do a quick review at the end of each month to make a note of what is needed. Use a single sheet to plan how the month will fit together.